• Brussels, Belgium

    CenturyLink, Brussels, Belgium

    The CenturyLink Brussels Premier Elite Data Center offers a secure, reliable and flexible solution for your space, power and connectivity needs.

    62882sq. ft.
  • Diegem Workplace Recovery Center

    Sungard Availability Services, Diegem, Belgium

    Sungard Availability Services' Belgium location is comprised of twin sites located in the Pegasus Park on the north-east part of Brussels in Diegem.

    2276sq. ft.
  • Interoute Bruges

    Interoute Communications, Zedelgem, Belgium

    Interoute Bruges is located in the area Bruge, Belgium

    ISO 27001 VESDA
  • Interoute Brussels

    Interoute Communications, Zaventem, Belgium

    Interoute Brussels is located in the area Brussels, Belgium

    ISO 27001 VESDA
  • Interoute Gent

    Interoute Communications, Merelbeke, Belgium

    Interoute Gent is located in the area Gent, Belgium

    ISO 27001 VESDA
  • Interoute Liege

    Interoute Communications, Liege, Belgium

    Interoute Liege is located in the area Liege, Belgium

    ISO 27001 VESDA
  • Interxion BRU1

    Interxion, Zaventem, Belgium

    Belgium is at the connectivity crossroads of Europe. Its business-friendly environment and highly-educated, international workforce makes Brussels strategically positioned for local, regional and international business.

  • zColo Tollaan 99A B1932 St Stevens

    zColo, Brussels, Belgium

    zColo’s Brussels data center is located just outside the city centre, near the airport. Brussels has been a major centre for international politics and has become the polyglot home of numerous international organizations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants; the secretariat of Benelux and NATO headquarters are also located in Brussels.

    1MWPower Capacity 5500sq. ft.