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MyDatacenter is the first datacenter in the extensive and economically very important E17 industrial area in East Flanders, Belgium.

It is also the first completely GREEN datacenter in Belgium that is 100% SOLAR POWERED, meaning its FULL power consumption is covered by the photovoltaic installation of nearly 1MW on its roof!

Uniquely situated in the middle between the major cities of Ghent and Antwerp, close to the E17 highway, and with the main road on one side, and the railroad on the other side, fiber options are plenty, resulting in connectivity that can be on par with the Brussels area.

Thanks to its carrier neutrality, tenants can choose between several connectivity options, or bring in their own network.

With a standard triple feed of 48A per rack, this datacenter is ready for the future.
MyDatacenter tries to be innovative in every aspect, researching the newest technologies and concepts in free air cooling and air economizing, and by offering infrastructure and facilities not commonly found in other datacenters in Europe.

As the built-out of this datacenter is currently a work in progress, not many things are set in stone yet, so we can be very flexible and you can actively work together with us to make this location a perfect fit for your needs! Partnership requests, projects and ideas are welcome at!

Teleweb bvba, Lokeren, Belgium
Toekomstlaan 20, 9160 Lokeren

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