WDC Data Center, Belgium

WDC is a young (2006) and dynamic fast-growing company, although the datacenter we operate is more than twenty years old (1987).
At that time, Cockerill-Sambre, a well known steel industry company (presently part of Arcelor-Mittal group), decided to centralize its IT infrastructure inside a central highly-secured data center, outside from its historical Meuse valley location.

Cockerill wanted the data center to be constructed in a failsafe way and designed three separated independent buildings to segregate computer rooms from technical facilities and telecom rooms.
This strong and brilliant design has been kept while the data center was turned from single to multi tenant. The transformation and renovation process that started in the summer of 2006 is now completed, but WDC - as any state-of-the-art facility - continues to improve its equipments and rooms as we welcome new customers every month.

WDC's vision and values
Ten years ago, data centers and IT in general were architectured as "always-up" services, whatever impact it had on environment. Those days are over and WDC believes in a smarter way of storing and computing information, and fits into the scheme of an "always-available" infrastructure.

In addition to operating a secured state-of-the-art data center, WDC commits to strong values:

Green and sustainable data center
As many data centers we recognise our environmental impact which mainly comes from power we consume to run our facilities.
In order to reduce our environmental footprint we implemented several projects and use innovative technologies as high-efficient cooling and in-room airflows optimizations.

We also advise our customers on the best practices to deploy their infrastructure inside our rooms, but also on most efficient technology and process they can adopt to reduce their equipment consumption.

In addition, our data center uses energy coming from 100% renewable sources since 2008 !

WDC, Liege, Belgium
Rue de la Metallurgie 17
4530 Villers-le-Bouillet


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