• zColo 21635 Red Rum Dr

    zColo, Ashburn, USA

    The facility delivers customizable colocation solutions to meet a diversity of needs, including half cabinet, full cabinet and cage/private suite offerings.

    40MWPower Capacity 72000sq. ft.
  • zColo 25 Corporate Place S

    zColo, Piscataway, USA

    Located in Piscataway, New Jersey in close proximity to New York City and key to financial services, hyperscale and healthcare businesses, this facility offers both primary and disaster recovery options. Leveraging Zayo’s expansive fiber network, a tether back to 165 Halsey gives you presence in one of the most important carrier hotels in the world.

    5MWPower Capacity 27520sq. ft.
  • zColo 3110 N. Central Ave

    zColo, Phoenix, USA

    This facility at 3110 N Central in Phoenix, AZ is conveniently located between Interstates 17 and 10, less than three miles from Highway 51, and just a 10-minute drive from the Sky Harbor Airport. We maintain a high-level of security with biometric and key card systems, and 24/7 facility monitoring.

    2.40MWPower Capacity 8000sq. ft.
  • zColo 3311 S 120th Place

    zColo, Tukwila, USA

    zColo manages a site in Tukwila, WA – just minutes from I-5 and SeaTac Airport. This facility offers 24×7 staffing, high security and excellent power availability. In addition it boasts carrier-neutral connectivity to 8 carriers.

    4.60MWPower Capacity 22851sq. ft.
  • zColo 36 NE 2nd St

    zColo, Miami, USA

    This data center facility at 36 NE 2nd Street in Miami, FL is located in downtown Miami on the seventh floor of the Digital Realty Trust (DRT) data center building. This data center facility offers more than 23,000 square feet of colocation space and is connected to our global fiber network, offering access to the United States and Europe.

    1.87MWPower Capacity 23200sq. ft.
  • zColo 393 Inverness Pkwy

    zColo, Englewood, USA

    This data center at 393 Inverness Parkway in Englewood, CO features a concrete slab foundation and a reinforced steel structure. Within the data center and colocation facility our tenants can access more than 22 Gbps of Internet bandwidth active over four top tier providers with capacity to expand. It also features redundant power and cooling as well as raised floor space specifically optimized for high-density deployments.

    6.50MWPower Capacity 25000sq. ft.
  • zColo 401 N Broad St

    zColo, Philadelphia, USA

    This data center facility at 401 N Broad in Philadelphia, PA offers a robust colocation infrastructure with multiple connectivity options. With extensive in-building riser assets throughout the building, the facility reaches more than 20 carriers as well as IP Peering and Ethernet exchanges. It also provides the Metro Interconnect service.

    1.50MWPower Capacity 3000sq. ft.
  • zColo 5101 Lafayette St.

    zColo, Santa Clara, USA

    This San Francisco bay-area data center facility at 5101 Lafayette St in Santa Clara, CA delivers colocation and interconnection solutions to Silicon Valley and San Francisco – the 2nd largest data center market in the United States. Built to Tier III standards, this co-location facility is an ideal tethering option for tenants looking to access 11 Great Oaks, San Jose and is walking distance to Levi’s Stadium.

    3MWPower Capacity 14000sq. ft.
  • zColo 60 Hudson St

    zColo, New York City, USA

    Known as the premier carrier hotel in the world, 60 Hudson Street houses over 300 different domestic and international networks. With a secure, power-protected environment to house and operate mission-critical components, our interconnect-focused colocation facility enables tenants to achieve quick entry to their critical markets.

    4.50MWPower Capacity 32800sq. ft.
  • zColo 615 N. 48th Street

    zColo, Phoenix, USA

    Colocation within the Digital Realty Trust Data Center in Chandler, Arizona provides our clients with a simple and convenient off­site disaster recovery solution. This simplifies the task and overhead of setting up a true off­site backup, recovery, and/or site mirroring solution.

    32MWPower Capacity 1600sq. ft.
  • zColo 6900 S Peoria St

    zColo, Centennial, USA

    This data center facility at 6900 South Peoria Street in Centennial, CO is air-containment optimized and has a reflective white roof that prevents solar heat from entering the building. Inside, energy efficient “green” cooling solutions are engineered to achieve an industry-leading PUE of 1.3. This carrier-neutral facility also offers redundant cooling and power distribution engineered at 175 to 310 watts per square foot and features raised floor space specifically optimized for high-density and ultra-high-density deployments.

    5.20MWPower Capacity 40000sq. ft.
  • zColo 7185 Pollock Dr

    zColo, Las Vegas, USA

    With more than 10,000 square feet of space, our data center at 7185 Pollock in Las Vegas, NV is large enough to handle the colocation and data center demands of the largest of companies in the city. This data center facility is minutes from McCarran International Airport and five minutes from The Strip. Nearby Warm Springs Road provides easy access to the facility, which has ample parking in front of the building that makes for a remarkably hassle-free visit.

    4MWPower Capacity 10000sq. ft.
  • zColo 7579 W 103rd Ave

    zColo, Westminster, USA

    Conveniently located between Boulder and Denver on the corridor, NAP of the Flatirons is the premier access point for Northern Colorado businesses. With an energy efficient architecture and redundant infrastructure, NAP of the Flatirons gives Northern Colorado businesses the colocation and network connectivity they need without the commute to Denver.

    1.50MWPower Capacity 10000sq. ft.
  • zColo 7620 Appling Ctr

    zColo, Memphis, USA

    This state-of-the-art, disaster-proofed data center at 7620 Appling Center in Memphis, TN provides carrier-neutral connectivity to more than 10 carrier networks; this interconnection-focused data center facility can truly help you reach the carriers, partners and customers that help your business thrive.

    1.35MWPower Capacity 18800sq. ft.
  • zColo 9606 Aero Drive

    zColo, San Diego, USA

    zColo’s 12,000 square foot data center on Aero Drive in Kearny Mesa has long been a symbol of reliability in the region. Since the facility opened in 2001, it has had a nearly flawless operating record and is trusted by clients to consistently provide a solid infrastructure to support their colocation and connectivity needs.

    1MWPower Capacity 12000sq. ft.
  • zColo One Wilshire Building, 624 S Grand Ave

    zColo, Los Angeles, USA

    One Wilshire, in Los Angeles, is the pre-eminent point of connectivity between North America and Asia’s Pacific Coast – making it one of the most significant carrier hotels in the world.

    2MWPower Capacity 14000sq. ft.