Pioneer Broadband DataCenter

Pioneer Broadband DataCenter Data Center, USA

Pioneer DataCenter Overview

Pioneer DataCenter is located in Presque Isle, Maine. It was originally designed in the 1980s as a mainframe room for a regional bank.

The data center has internationally redundant data paths out of Maine to the Internet.
One path to Portland, Maine, reaches multiple providers and one path to the Canadian Internet backbone in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada.

The facility is equipped with HVAC system, and a raised floor.

A state-of-the-Art Fire suppression system keeps your data and equipment protected under all circumstances.

The data center is monitored around the clock by an IP-based CCTV DVR system .

Access is available 24/7 and is controlled by code pads

* 24 hour unattended access via key code
* 24 hour surveillance
* Full-size equipment racks
* 2 X 30 AMP 110V power circuits delivered to each rack
* LP Generator to provide for uninterrupted power in the event of a utility failure
* HVAC unit provides complete environmental control
o Constant 65º to 69º temperature
o 40% to 55% relative humidity
* Fire Suppression provided by industry standard FM-200 system
* Raised Flooring throughout the facility


* Internationally diverse paths are maintained to multiple providers to ensure maximum availability and uptime.
* Local loops provided by Pioneer Broadband and third party loop providers are available
* Announcement of customer owned IP space to upstream providers and peers via BGPv4 available.
* Pioneer Broadband owned IP space available
* Standard network handoff is via Ethernet copper 10/100
* 10/100/1000 copper/fiber handoff available if needed
* Local loop carriage of circuits from your providers PoP to our facility available.

Pioneer Broadband, Maine, USA
480 Main St, 04769 Presque Isle, Maine

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