XO Englewood Data Center, USA

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The Englewood data center provides a reliable power infrastructure with single feed AC commercial power services. The entire critical infrastructure is protected by a UPS system with two battery strings capable of providing 9 minutes of backup time at full load on the loss of utility power. The standby diesel generators that are connected to an automatic transfer switch (ATS) provide emergency power for prolonged power outages. The generators are test run on a weekly basis and full load tested on a monthly basis. Onsite fuel storage provides 24 hours of continuous runtime. The data center power room is separated from technical space with diverse power being delivered by multiple PDUs in a true A+B design to each cabinet, and provides a power density of 4 kW per cabinet or 160 watts per square foot. The data center provides DC power options designed for greater than 4 hours of battery reserves on multiple N+1 battery strings. The entire power infrastructure has monthly preventive maintenance performed and semi-annual comprehensive maintenance performed. The HVAC units maintained via glycol cooled precision cooling system in N+1 redundant configuration effectively controls the cooling and humidity in the data center. The HVAC units have monthly preventive maintenance performed and quarterly comprehensive maintenance performed.

XO Communications, Englewood, USA
9706 E. Easter Avenue, Suite 100 Bldg.C
80112 Englewood
Colorado, USA



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