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TulsaConnect was formed in October, 2001, but its roots go back to April, 1996 with the founding of one of Oklahoma's first Internet Service Providers.

Our experience in the early days of the commercial Internet helped establish our foundation and expertise as the leading provider of commercial Data Center and Hosting solutions in the region.

Since 2001 TulsaConnect has grown from a small, 800 sq ft Data Center housing 10 racks to over 13,000 sq ft spread across three physically separate Data Center facilities housing over 175 racks.

Having been profitable since our inception, TulsaConnect's strong financial foundations ensure stability and predictability in all aspects of our business. As a privately held, family owned business, we do not have a group of shareholders or board of directors to answer to - giving us the agility and flexibility to provide best-of-breed, affordable solutions for your business.

TulsaConnect, Oklahoma, USA
701 N. Broadway Ave.
73102 Oklahoma City
Oklahoma, USA


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