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StratITsphere - Alpha Data Center, USA

StratITsphere Data Center Solutions is a new, Tier IV designed facility being constructed 25 miles northwest of downtown Houston, providing managed services to its customers. The facility is located outside the 500 year flood zone and off of any major thoroughfare. This data center is a newly designed, state of the art facility and is being built with the most recently recognized best practices known within the data center world. All of the redundancy our customers require is built into the design.

The data center's infrastructure is built on a 2N design with a 100% SLA on availability. 24x7 manned security and video surveillance is maintained as well as a 24x7 manned Operations Control Center, providing our customers with access to real time information and communications. The highly secured POD space is accessed through a series of security mechanisms a secured man trap is located at the front desk, then card readers are used to gain access into shared office space areas and lobby, and then ultimately, biometric readers will provide access to the POD space.

The facility has over 60,000 square feet of expansion space. Tier IV power and cooling can be expanded throughout all 60k square feet. Managed Internet Service capacity is delivered via Gbps access feeds from multiple providers and can be expanded as necessary to meet customer demands.

Fire suppression is achieved through a dry-pipe cross-zoned pre-action design with the addition of a VESDA particulate matter sensor system. Each individual POD has its own isolated control zone which allows for the isolation of events and prevents one customer's event from affecting another.

The Stratitsphere Datacenter is a full service facility. We offer a multitude of managed services from moving and managing equipment, down to OS and application support. While most managed services available at reputable datacenters are fulfilled by third party contractors or facility partners, StratITsphere has a full time staff of engineers available for client services. Available services include:

. Remote Engineers (T&M or Retainer) - remote troubleshooting, configuration and setup
. Carrier neutral internet access - diverse physical paths for carrier entry into building
. Monitoring - network, servers, environmental
. System Administration & Support - system patching, firewall management
. Business Continuance - storage, offsite data archiving, secure tape storage
. Virtualization - We can provide virtual infrastructure or manage yours
. Relocation - decertification, transportation, rack and stack & recertification
. Active Directory services - Install, setup and migration
. Work Area Recovery - shared or dedicated space, offices and conference rooms, voice and data services available as well
. Cloud computing - computing and applications on demand

Depending on what our customers need, they can select from individual cabinets, custom cages or even larger data center suites (i.e. PODs) to host their critical infrastructure. StratITsphere can build out space according to the customer's requirements.
StratITsphere Data Centers is a carrier neutral colocation facility that offers network access to multiple tier 1 telecommunications carriers including AboveNet, Phonoscope, Fiberlink, AT&T, Time Warner and possible others. This choice of providers gives our customers the flexibility to choose the provider that is right for their business.
StratITsphere is committed to an "always-on" service level. Our experienced staff is available to support your mission critical systems which are hosted in a best-in-class facility.
StratITsphere brings deep expertise in identifying and selecting hosting partners and co-location options that meet the needs of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. This experience comes from years of providing successful infrastructure and delivery strategies to our largest clients, on time and under budget. That same expertise was used to design a datacenter that meets the stringent requirements of our most demanding clients while providing the flexibility necessary in today's ever changing IT environment. The following details were all considered while designing the StratITsphere Data Center:

Redundancy - High degree of resiliency and fault tolerance within the datacenter itself
Location - drive time of less than 1 hour from any part of the greater Houston area.
Improved availability and reliability - regularly scheduled maintenance on all infrastructure components for reduced risk of an outage
Scalability - datacenter built to support greater than 240 watts/sq ft to allow for the newest power intensive hardware and sufficient cooling to exhaust the heat produced by this type of hardware. This allows for early adoption of new hardware standards as they emerge in the marketplace.

StratITsphere, Texas, USA
1510 Primewest Parkway
77449 Katy
Texas, USA


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