SolutionPro Boise Idaho Data Center, USA

SolutionPro's commitment to quality is evident in the standards built into our facility. Features such as parallel redundant UPS power, generator backup, N+1 climate control, fire protection, 24x7 secure access, remote monitoring and over 40 years of collective IT experience is the solid foundation of this commitment.

Data Center Feature Description/Options
Multi-Level Security 24x7x365 on-site security and monitoring
CCTV surveillance data retained up to 90 days
BioScrypt Biometric Thumbscan Access 24x7x365
Fire Detection and Suppression Pre-action dry-pipe fire suppression system with temperature and smoke detectors eliminates false alarms.
Seismic Bracing High-strength APW steel racks are seismically braced to meet or exceed the seismic activity rating for our location.
Environmental (HVAC) Redundant Liebert systems produce ideal environmental conditions 78 deg.F (+/-2 degrees), 45%RH(+/- 5%) achieving N+1 standards in a raised-floor semi clean room environment.
Power Power backed by a parallel-redundant 500KVA UPS system and one 850KW diesel generator with 96 hours of fuel on-site and guaranteed refueling contracts. All data center power is conditioned and free from utility power fluctuations.
Power Density We consult with our facilities engineers on a regular basis to optimize current and future power density specifications.
Customer Amenities Staging area provided for colocation customers with power and internet ports for server build-up and testing.
Multi-Homed Multi-Carrier homed SONET network.
BGP-4 routing and HSRP fault-tolerant routing.
Gig-E connections to upstream IP providers

Unparalleled Network Security Our network is built on hardened Cisco routers to ensure maximum security. We employ a custom Intrusion Detection System to protect our secure server network. Our firewalls are managed by security experts, while customer networks are isolated on VLANS. Your account executive will brief you on network security practices specific to your services at SolutionPro.
Carrier-Neutral Connections to major IP carriers and easy cross-connect capability from almost any provider. Eliminate the most common point of network failure- local loops- while reducing your expenses at the same time.

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