Netrality Properties - 717 S Wells Data Center, USA

  • Netrality Properties - 717 S Wells Data Center

´ Diverse fiber entrances along South Wells Street
´ Pre-built 1.25" innerducts from carrier entrances to Meet Me Room
´ Cabinet and caged colocation space
´ Multi-tiered overhead cable tray management
´ Live load floor capacity of 125 lbs/SF
´ Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system
´ 19'-6" column spacing
´ 11'-2" clear height from floor slab to underside of slab above
´ Power density of 125 watts/SF for critical systems capacity
´ UPS - 500kW systems in 2N configuration (9 minute battery duration) on
6th floor and 600kW on 5th floor
´ Overhead UPS distribution - Starline system allows plug and play breaker
installations without shutdowns
´ ATS - 1600 amp, 480v capacity on the 5th floor with separate utility and
generator feeds
´ 1.5mw diesel generator
´ Kyoto cooling system with 170 tons of total cooling capacity in an N+1
redundant configuration
´ Kyoto energy wheel based air-to-air transfer cooling technology that
provides 90% effectiveness in heat rejection to maximize the number of
free-cooling hours used to cool data center supplemented by DX cooling
´ No outside air introduced through the Kyoto system, reducing outside air
contaminates and humidity in the data center
´ Refrigerant-based system, no chilled or condenser water used resulting in
no water leaks
´ Distribution via a cold aisle configuration delivering cooling directly to the
IT equipment load and reducing air recirculation
´ Mechanical and Electrical systems monitored with web based remote
access, paging and email alerts by building automation system
´ Tyco security system with key card access and video surveillance
throughout the space
´ Data Room specific on-site security
´ Data Room access via a man-trap entry vestibule and security station
´ 24/7 access to authorized customer personnel via verified access lists

Netrality Properties, Illinois, USA
717 S. Wells
60607 Chicago
Illinois, USA


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