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IPR offers not only data center resources, but moreover expertise in data protection and the technical resources to help our Clients evolve to a resilient operation with two interoperable data centers balancing production and recovery systems augmented by on-line data protection. Virtualization is transforming data centers not just by reducing the physical equipment and related costs, but more significantly with recoverability, load balancing and transparent geographic diversity. IPR is a progressive service organization focused exclusively on helping companies achieve and maintain modernized data center operations.

In 2007 IPR launched its flagship IPR (BCC) Business Continuity Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. This Tier 3+ facility has enabled clients across industries to realize their vision of affordable, dedicated computing in a world-class hardened managed environment. In 2010 IPR will launch its "Data Center of the Future" Computing Center located in the Wilmington, DE to provide its Clients with an extremely affordable highly secure, hardened production data center.

In addition, IPR is now offering its Clients a "Cloud Computing" Service.

IPR International, LLC, Wilmington, USA
Market Street
19801 Wilmington
Delaware, USA

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