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Globecomm NY Data Center, USA

Globecomm is a satellite centric IT managed service provider.

We provide the smartest, best engineered and most robust connectivity solutions linking anyone to anything, wherever in the world our customers' needs dictate, no matter how remote, hazardous or challenging.

We are a leading engineering-driven, global connectivity provider serving media, maritime, enterprise and government markets in over 100 countries. We develop smart connectivity solutions to address customer issues across a broad spectrum of areas, including system design and integration, managed communication services including mobile and IoT, media services and mission critical networks. We are known for our unique ability to provide robust connectivity to the most remote locations under the most treacherous conditions. Globecomm is dedicated to improving communications and leverages its world class, global network to offer end-to- end, managed service communication's solutions worldwide.

Founded by engineers, Globecomm provides services and products supported by one of the industry's largest and best in-house engineering staffs. We can engineer and integrate individual systems or complex networks and then support them through the lifecycle.

We offer global solutions leveraging our wire line, wireless, IoT and satellite expertise to address the needs of the government, enterprise, maritime, media and the industrial IoT markets in more than 100 countries.

We offer a wide range of hosted and managed communications services that leverage our global transmission capacity and our network of data center, content management and switching facilities.

Every component we build into our services and products are tested exhaustively in our specialized laboratories for reliability, compatibility and cost-effectiveness - so much so, that suppliers have come to depend upon us for improvements in the products they provide.

Our engineering expertise has also produced a wide range of satellite and wireless terminal products ready for quick and cost-effective deployment.

We deliver systems and managed communications services anywhere in the world, under any conditions - from secure military applications to wireless networks and broadcast origination centers, our worldwide team gets it done.

Globecomm makes one vital commitment to our customers: the solutions we provide will work, no matter what. Period. The more complex your connectivity challenge, the more you can rely upon Globecomm to deliver.

Globecomm, New York, USA
45 Oser Avenue
11788 Hauppauge
New York, USA


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