Dearborn, Michigan Data Center Data Center, USA

  • Dearborn, Michigan Data Center

Multiple Redundancies
Our Dearborn facility is capable of running autonomously for more than a day, with a 300 kilowatt Cummins diesel generator. On-site refueling makes indefinite runtime possible.
Uninterruptible Connections
Connectivity at the Dearborn, Michigan data center is provided via diverse paths with a 100% SLA on a blended network
Power and Environment Control

Our 600 amp commercial power feed from Detroit Edison is backed up by 250 KVA of battery power with A and B critical power options available. Cooling is delivered underfloor via Liebert air-cooled HVAC units and a total of 90 tons of N+1 configured cooling is available.

US Midwest
Dearborn, MI

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