DE Philly Data Center, USA

Digital Edge is a highly-specialized technology organization focused on supporting back-end technology services within datacenters. Our company is designed to help clients build their IT environments with the technical experts they need to succeed. Whether an environment is collocated within one of our facilities or at a client's main site, Digital Edge can help monitor, manage and strengthen companies. One of our primary understandings is that satisfactory is just not enough. We believe in 24/7 coverage and that any downtime can be detrimental to a business; therefore we have ZERO tolerance for technical failures. We believe that any technology failure results from a lack of architectural design or failure in support processes. Therefore, our database of known industry failures and analysis is updated continually.

Digital Edge is dedicated to our clients and concentrates on making sure that IT is covered, keeping the important business processes where they should be. "Top Priority". Our team holds multiple certifications in all areas including Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, and Redhat. Additionally, our security team members follow all industry security developments, participate in hacking discussions, verify reported exploits and code weaknesses, and continually reprogram our monitoring systems to include new vulnerabilities in scheduled scans. We support hundreds of servers and dozens of globally-diversified networks and constantly run our R&D lab to test and identify best solutions and practices, providing our clients with the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

With Digital Edge IT operations become agile, smooth-running utilities-and as a result, businesses thrive.

Digital Edge, Pennsylvania, USA
401 N Broad Street
19123 Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, USA


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