COL 3 Data Center, USA

  • COL 3

The new $130M+ facility is the largest neutral data center in the region and is directly linked to Cologix’s existing data centers (COL1 & COL2). COL3 has been awarded the coveted Tier III certi¬cation of Constructed Facility ensuring that the data center has been constructed as designed, and veri¬es that it is capable of meeting the de¬ned availability requirements.

Cologix designed the site with the most sophisticated cloud providers and enterprises in mind. The data center is concurrently maintainable, and o ers scalable power solutions. Further unique attributes include an EF-4 tornado rating, K-rated perimeter fence and 24×7 guards. The redundancy, scale, security and connectivity enables Cologix to uniquely address growing market demand ranging from individual cabinets to multi-megawatt deployments.

Cologix, Ohio, USA
556 Scherers Court, Columbus

Power Redundancy


30MW Power Capacity 200000sq. ft. SOC 1 Type II SOC 2 Type II

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