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Data Stream is a Texas-based, full service technology resource for clients throughout the United States. Offering a wide range of services across multiple industries, Data Stream is an experienced service provider in the fields of health care, manufacturing, energy, retail, and more.

Our approach is simple: Make our clients' lives easier, businesses more productive, and provide a knowledgeable partner in the technology sector, whatever the need may be.

Founded in 1998, Data Stream began as a simple IT Support and consulting firm with humble beginnings in the Houston area. What began as a vision for founder and CEO Ron Bailey, materialized in the form of a small, single-employee company built on the highest standards of service and expertise.

Over the last 14 years Data Stream has evolved to meet the needs of our clients, expanding into nearly every domain in the technology field, so that through our comprehensive service offering, our clients can rest assured that they take on a truly capable partner to handle all their technology needs with the same quality of service on which the company was founded.

Today, Data Stream employs over 60 service-minded, trained professionals through full time, contract, and partner relationships who hold our clients in their minds first and foremost. We are always mindful of our clients' contribution to our success and work daily to repay their loyalty with the highest quality of service on every project, in every partnership we form.

Data Stream LLC, Illinois, USA
141 West Jackson
60604 Chicago
Illinois, USA


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