BR1: Burbank, CA Data Center, USA

Built to maximize security and utility, CenturyLink offers services in this Burbank data center that provides traditional colocation solutions as well as a comprehensive suite of public cloud, private cloud and managed services.

The two-story Burbank data center offers a broad scope of colocation services and amenities, including adaptable 24" and 12" raised floor storage, as well as dedicated office, staging, shipping, meeting and break room space. The data center ecosystem of numerous service providers available via a cross connect to connect to network and services providers, public cloud, private cloud, managed hosting, security and storage solutions. The facility is protected via standard and customizable exterior, floor level and biometric measures, making information housed there as secure as it is agile.

CenturyLink, California, USA

Cooling Redundancy


4MW Power Capacity 82911sq. ft. VESDA

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