ATCDC Data Center, USA


Situated in Eastern Kentucky along the Ohio River Valley, the Ashland Technology Complex & Data Center provides national services via our partnered networks while providing cost efficiency and security within the Mid-West Region. With 189,000 square feet of tier III lv 3 security, the ATCDC complex provides secure data storage for government, health, municipal as well as fortune 500 and 1000 clients with data that requires high level security.
Onsite features include:

5,000 sq feet of subterranean bunker storage
99,000 sq feet of Tier 3 caged storage
35,000 sq feet of collocation on-site office space
25,000 sq feet of secured testing facilities
30,000 sq feet of secure warehouse storage

24/7/365 armed security
24/7/365 IDS monitoring
24/7/365 Systems monitoring

The ATCDC provides Saas, Iaas, Draas, and Cloud computing services with custom options for clients to design.

Utilizing the low cost energy and suited geography of the region, the ATCDC provides the lowest cost of operations in the US Data Center market.

Ashland Technology Complex and Data Center, Russell, USA
500 Diederich Blvd
41169 Russell
Kentucky, USA

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