AOScloud Data Center, USA

AOS' cloud compute servers provide a flexible, dynamic, and economical environment to host your applications and day-to-day business needs. Our cloud compute servers can free up space and cut costs, along with many other benefits:

Ability to access your data at all times - not just while in the office
A physical storage center is no longer needed
Relieves burden on IT Professionals and frees up their time in the office
Easily scalable so you can add or subtract storage based on your needs
Our enterprise level data center can also house your equipment, providing many additional benefits you won't receive by doing it yourself:

Professional Environment - AOS' data center uses industry-leading design and setup to provide the most cost-efficient solution for your compute servers, storage and critical equipment.

24/7 Support - Our professional staff will ensure your cloud servers and systems are maintained at the highest level of performance and security available for every day throughout the year.

Minimize Cost - Hosting minimizes, and in some cases, eliminates upfront capital costs and frees up working capital to better serve your customers.

Minimize Resources - Your IT resources can be focused on systems and tasks that increase business value and provide a competitive advantage.

Predictable Monthly Cost - No surprises, as you will know exactly what your monthly IT costs will be.

Quick Deployment - We offer a quicker time to deploy compute services and realize your return on investment than managing internally.

AOScloud, Kansas, USA
17795 W. 106th Ste 200
66061 Olathe
Kansas, USA


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