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Our central geographic location provides a consistent user experience from East to West coast.

Data Center Power

Over 1600 amps of 480V three-phase power enters our wholly-controlled power infrastructure. The UPS and power generation platforms are maintained by certified professionals at regular service intervals. Our power provider, Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) has been named the most reliable utility in the plains region. Although extended power outages are rare at this facility, diesel fuel delivery contracts are in place to assure continuous power availability.

Network Infrastructure

With expandable network capacities up to 100Gbit/sec, our network is ready for the most demanding environments. Dark wavelength and lit services are available between 1102 Grand and our Mainmark facility for disaster recovery or additional bandwidth needs. Automated security controls protect our Cisco-powered core network at Mainmark.

Data Center Cooling

MCI02 is equipped with Liebert CRAC units in an N+1 configuration. These units operate independently and are serviced on regular vendor-specified intervals. Continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity and air pressure at multiple key points in the datacenter assure these systems are performing as expected. We do not utilize chilled water loops to cool this facility.

Data Center Fire Suppression

MCI02 utilizes advanced automated ECARO-25 clean-agent fire suppression systems to protect your critical systems. This platform extinguishes fire by absorbing heat faster than heat generated by combustion. The key to protecting critical physical assets begins with early detection. MCI02 is protected with two mechanically separate fire detection platforms. This mechanical separation enhances the reliability and maintainability of our suppression system. LLC, Missouri, USA
1627 Main Street
64108 Kansas City
Missouri, USA


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