AB3: Albuquerque, NM

AB3: Albuquerque, NM Data Center, USA

The Albuquerque data center campus is designed to make technology more agile, secure and sustainable.

CenturyLink offers services in this Albuquerque data center campus with an advanced multi-tenant offering that provides the network and space to enable rapid innovation within this technology cluster. Built to N+1 resiliency standards, this Level 5 commissioned facility provides complete electrical and mechanical system redundancy as well as a full complement of colocation, public and private cloud, and managed services, all protected by adaptable multi-tier security. With more than 421,000 sq/ft of total floor space and 6MW power capacity, the Albuquerque data center is designed to advance enterprise.

Lumen Technologies, New Mexico, USA

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy


6MW Power Capacity 421290sq. ft. VESDA

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