325 Hudson

325 Hudson Data Center, USA

325 Hudson Street is a 10-story, 240,000 square foot building located in the heart of New York City's "Hudson Square" neighborhood, along the fiber-dense Hudson Street corridor. Originally constructed as a warehouse in 1965, the building was completely redeveloped into a modern data center in 2012. 325 Hudson is structurally solid, with a floor loading capacity of 200 pounds per square foot (all floors) and 13' ceiling heights. The masonry facade and roof are water-tight, with all-new insulated windows installed as part of the recent renovation. A 54'8" deep interior loading dock leads directly to an 8,000 lb. capacity service elevator, for the convenient use of tenants and customers.

Jamestown's 325 Hudson team is equipped with years of experience in data center operations, property management, and marketing, to keep you ahead in the evolving digital marketplace. The building owned and managed MMR has no MRC's for cross connects and will provide a stable long-term neutral environment for global network operators to thrive in New York City.

325 Hudson, New York, USA
325 Hudson Street New York, NY 10013

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