Latechco Torre 4 Data Center, Uruguay

  • Latechco Torre 4

We are building a new Data Center with more than 5100 square foot in dowtown Montevideo.
We provide all the conectivity with major carriers in the region, and many other services related.
Latechco Data-center facilities provide a world-class physical environment to ensure uninterrupted technology operations and offer significant value to customers over in-sourcing or competitive solutions:

. Reduce total cost of ownership for Information Technology
. Increase application service levels and infrastructure
. Deploy more flexible and efficient IT architectures
The Park Data-center facilities are designed with environmental
control systems, raised flooring, fault-tolerant power plants,
advanced fire detection and suppression systems and multiple levels
of physical security assurances.

Park Data-center enables companies to install their racks and servers
in an ideal place that complies with international standards in terms
of physical and logical information security.
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Latechco, Montevideo, Uruguay
Dr. Luis Bonavita 1266
11300 Montevideo

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