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The Bunker - Ash Data Centre Data Center, United Kingdom

  • The Bunker - Ash Data Centre

The Bunker is a Cloud and Managed Service provider, ensuring complete data sovereignty and protecting mission-critical data for organisations of all sizes.

The company operates the UK's most secure data centres - armoured and nuclear bomb-proof former MoD bunkers. These fortresses and The Bunker's in-house technical expertise create an ultra-secure environment to protect data from every potential threat that could compromise its availability and integrity.

Through a range of bespoke and scalable IT and Infrastructure Services, The Bunker creates a competitive advantage by enabling fast-growth business to function more effectively, while adhering to the highest standards of data security and compliance.

The Bunker, Sandwich, Kent, United Kingdom
Ash Radar Station, Marshborough Road
CT13 0PL Sandwich, Kent
United Kingdom

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