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  • Pulsant Ltd South Gyle, Scotland Colocation Datacentre Services

Capacity - Supporting a total of 612 racks in 42U or 48U 600mm x 1,000mm up to dual 32A diverse power supplies. From ? rack options and above.
Configuration - 15 Secure Data Halls - data halls from 60m?, available in Amp, kW per m?, kW per annum and kWh models in singular rack, caged or dedicated halls to custom builds. IL2, IL3 and PCI DSS compliant facility.
Support - 24x7 on-site remote hands, monitoring and support available to all customers. On-site Cloud, Government Cloud, Managed Services and Colocation.
Security - Secure 24x7 manned security entrances with HD CCTV cameras, PAC access controlled into each area of the site.
Power - 6,800kVA diverse 11kV incoming supplies from SPEN to two on-site substations and redundant transformers. Power delivery is 2N to each rack in the site.
Cooling - Blended Chilled Water, Free Air and DX redundant cooling solutions to 1,800kW.
UPS - 2N Blended Emerson Chloride units with up to 15 minutes autonomy to 2,800kW.
Standby Generation - 2 x Cummins 1,400kVA Standby Rated + 1 x Dieselec 1,650kVA Standby Rated units in N+1 configuration.

Total Technical DC Sq Ft - 31,000
No of Data Halls - 15
Total Rack Capacity - 612
Building Floors - 2
Floor Void - 600mm
Tier Rating - Tier 3
Total Power Provision - 6.8MVA/6,000kW
Total Power Protection - 2N+1
Total UPS Provision - 14.28MVA/12,850kW
Total UPS Protection - 2N+1
Rack Provision - Single 16Amp or 32Amp - 3Phase
Total Generator Provision - 2N+1
Total Generator Protection - N+1
Total Generator Fuel Storage - 50,000 Litres
Total Cooling Provision - 1,800kW
Total Cooling Protection - N+1
Cooling Type - Chilled Water/DX and Free Cooling
CCTV - Total Cameras - 48 Cameras
CCTV - Retention Period - Minimum 90 Days
Access Control - Type - Swipe Entry/Exit External Doors Swipe & PIN
Access Control - Retention Period - Minimum 12 Months
Fire Protection Systems - Floor and Ceiling Sensors
Fire Suppressant Systems on-site - Inergen, IG451 and FM200

Rack Capacity - 612
1U Server
1/4 Rack
1/2 Rack
Full Rack
Oversized Rack
Dual PDU
1Mb - 1Gb Transit
Dark Fibre
Site Backhaul
Carriers - 20+
ISO 27001:2013
Managed Server
Colocation Backup
DC Connectivity On-Net Services - SSE, Vtesse, BT, Cogent, Vodafone, Geo Networks, AT&T, EasyNet, Level 3, Verizon, T-Systems, Neos, Virgin Media, JANET, Fluency, IXScotland and many more.

To eliminate risk from outage or power failure, the site uses diverse supplier feeds from multiple grid points ensuring there is no single point of failure. The site will provide 2N+1 redundant power systems and power feeds up to 10kW per racks to ensure continuous power.

Ensuring our infrastructure and customer equipment operate safely is one of our greatest concerns. The facility is equipped with VESDA fire detection which continuously sample the air for smoke particles. In the event of an alert we have installed a FM200 suppression system.

Pulsant have built a number of client facilities into the site to ensure any time you spend on-site is comfortable. There is ample provision for client IT staff who may be required on-site, this includes parking, rest rooms, kitchen, build facilities, dedicated offices and meeting rooms.

Energy is vital to power and cool servers, we reduce energy consumption and costs by using ultra-efficient systems and advanced cold aisle and pod technology.

Pulsant do everything possible to prevent unauthorised access to the site, buildings and data halls as well as to the rack housings themselves. We have systems in place to identify and react to threats so that your infrastructure is protected from theft, damage or interference. The site is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant facility.

When creating the data campus we needed to ensure we had ultra-fast connectivity with low latency to London locations. We achieved this as the site houses diverse network connectivity via Dark Fibre to multiple London points of presence with 2ms of network latency.

Pulsant Ltd, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The Clocktower Estate
South Gyle Cresent
EH12 9LB

EH12 9LB

Cooling Redundancy


ISO 27001
Business Suites Office space Private Cages Rack Cabinets Virtual Servers Remote Hands

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