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Open in late 2007 in West London, the 200 rack Options data center is purpose built boutique DC offering high density power and cooling scalable from 5kw to 30 kw per rack. To increase the efficiency in management and to eliminate the potential for hotspots the Options data centre is equipped with APC InfraStruXure close coupled cooling systems enabling organizations to consolidate their technology densely within the data centre.

The Options data centre has been designed from inception to eliminate single points of failure in power, cooling and power generation. 2N power, cooling and power generation has been employed to ensure optimal up-time, data security, and peace of mind.

In order to maximize their computing functionality, organizations require flexibility for their footprint within the data centre. Carrier neutrality, cage or suite alternatives and scaled technical support can be adjusted to the specific needs of clients. Access to DR offices available as required.

The facility provides 24 x 7 on site support. Security measures include, biometric access requirement, and proximity card access to all areas Internal and external CCTV and on site security ensure the protection of equipment.
24 x 7 support

Many data centres are only capable of delivering up to 2kw per rack, leading either to constraints on technology progression or higher dispersion of equipment across a large, more costly footprint. Many organizations are making significant investments in the latest computing technologies only to find that they are unable to house them or have to spread them across the data centre to get the required power or cooling. This creates issues and costs in utilising these technologies and managing the infrastructure

Options Technology Ltd., London, United Kingdom
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