ACR1 Data Center, United Kingdom

AcropolisOnLine is one of the UK's leading ISPs.

Founded in 2004 by Nikos Sidiropoulos, AcropolisOnLine developed quickly in one of the best broadband companies in United Kingdom.

Drawing from our vast knowledge base of the IT and communications industries, we are able to provide internet solutions in real time with real results.

We operate a full BGP4 network, consisting of iBGP between our core routers, and eBGP between our transit and peering suppliers.

AcropolisOnLine has gone from strength to strength and employs people with a wealth of expertise to ensure all work is completed to the highest standards.

By taking advantage of the talent, technical expertise and experience of the company's specialists AcropolisOnLine aims at becoming one of the leading Internet Solutions companies in the EU.

ACROPOLIS ONLINE LTD, Poole, United Kingdom
BH16 6FA Poole
DORSET, United Kingdom

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