Wnet Data Center, Ukraine

Data Centre Wnet:
. Total number of racks - 40pcs .
. Two independent power feeder
. Automatic switching to backup power
. The automatic uninterruptible power supply on the basis of modern UPS
. Air conditioning with 100% redundancy and "free coolling" technology
. Optical line to each rack - up to 4 separate channels, each with up to 10G
. Main switching equipment included in the ring on the equipment Nx10G Extreme Networks ( EAPS ring with recovery time in the event of an accident up to 50 ms )
. Location in the city center, in a separate building with parking, guarded round the clock
. Compatable with TIER-II

Wnet, Kiev, Ukraine
Khmelnitskogo Bogdana 50B
01030 Kyiv


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