Thailand Bangkok 2 Data Center Data Center, Thailand

  • Thailand Bangkok 2 Data Center

Low-Risk Location
Bangkok 2 Data Center is located in Amata Nakorn industrial area, 4 km away from the closest river and 7 km away from the Gulf of Thailand. The area has a low risk of natural disasters. It is also less subject to political demonstrations.

First in Thailand
It is the first purpose-built data center in Thailand. It has a total floor area of 9,600 m2(approximately 1,500 racks). All the facilities are fully redundant in 2N configuration, and the facility configurations are flexibly customizable to meet a variety of needs.

BCP Annex
The data center includes office space inside the data center building, for use during business continuity planning (BCP). Bangkok 2 Data Center is located an appropriate distance from the center of Bangkok and is an optimum location for a business continuity planning (BCP) site.

NTT Communications Corporation, Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy



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