Green Datacenter Zurich West 3 Data Center, Switzerland

  • Green Datacenter Zurich West 3

Switzerland is becoming ever more important to the world's leading Internet companies. Our new “Zurich West 3” data center focuses on this very customer segment, although all our customers will reap the benefits of this top-class infrastructure.

Construction work has just begun: We are building a new data center on our site in Lupfig AG. This high-density data center has been designed to satisfy the very highest demands of the world's leading Internet companies and their clouds.

The new data center will be one floor higher than the existing building and have an elongated façade for ventilation and escape routes.

Astonishing technological progress has been made with regard to minimizing space requirements. The hardware for cloud providers requires considerably more power per area and therefore more cooling capacity than previous hardware. Conventional data centers provide 3 to 5 kilowatts (kW) of power per rack, but the top international companies require between 10 and 25 kW per rack. Such data centers are therefore collectively referred to as “high-density”.

Our investment volume amounts to around CHF 70 million and the opening is planned to take place in mid-2019: Bring on the cloud!

Green Datacenter AG, Zürich, Switzerland

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