Deltalis DKII, Switzerland


Three independent buildings, with three floors each, providing in excess of 10.000 square meters of floor space, on a total terrain of 15.000 square meters.

This is the DELTALIS Datacenter. Hosted by a unique facility deep inside a Swiss granite mountain.
DELTALIS can rightly claim to be the securest Datacenter owed to both its physical and geographical location.
The DELTALIS Datacenter is designed to keep up with today's quickly changing technology, such as cloud, analytics, mobile and social business and security requirements.

There is probably no safer place on earth to keep such a valuable good as information or mission-critical data.

A powerful list of outstanding features:

- Indestructible and highly secured
- State-of-the-Art Access and Security Systems
- Scalable and Flexible
- Carrier independent
- Redundant Design for Concurrent Maintainability
- Energy Efficient and Green
- Easy to Reach

Outstanding conditions for the safest and most secure place to operate a modern designed Datacenter.

Our unique DELTALIS Multi-Layer-Security-Concept guarantees a high degree of protection and safety. Several layers of access security guarantee only authorized access to different parts of the DELTALIS area. Access is based personalized profiles combined with biometric data processing.

Compared to any other Datacenter located in an urban area or city center, the DELTALIS Datacenter is not affected by any environmental impact such as vibrations due to civil works or any climate impacts.

The DELTALIS Datacenter Site in the center of Switzerland not only guarantees optimum protection against natural disasters or any environmental impact, but also provides a perfect accessibility. Zürich, with its international airport is reachable in an hour distance via highway or by public transportation.

Deltalis SA, Uri, Switzerland
Postfach 65
6468 Attinghausen


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