BrainServe, Switzerland

BrainServe is located close to the Swiss city of Lausanne, halfway between Geneva and Bern. Its mission is to provide data housing in a completely secure environment, focusing exclusively on management of the physical layer.

- Independent Swiss company
- Data center designed and constructed "from scratch"
- Controlled by the owner (dedicated plots and buildings)
24-hour operation, 365 days a year, by specialist on-site staff
- Location outside risk areas
- Data center audited according to ISAE 3402 Type 2 and FINMA Circ. 2008/7
- Highest level infrastructure (Tier IV)

BrainServe is redundantly connected to the main fiber optic networks. Its strategic location and design protect it from the main risks:
. natural - earthquakes, floods
. industrial - explosion, fire, contamination
. road, rail or air transport accidents

Outsourcing this type of infrastructure and proximity services allows to:
. reduce investments
. forecast costs more accurately
. save floor space
. significantly reduce operating expenses, in particular electricity costs

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BrainServe Ltd, Lausanne, Switzerland
Rue de la Vernie 12
1023 Crissier


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