InfoQB Data Center, Sweden

InfoQB is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, energy-efficient data storage center located in Northern Scandinavia. InfoQB provides cost-effective, ultra-reliable and secure co-location and data storage services to today's global entities.

InfoQB's team of dedicated industry experts has over 25 years of experience in successfully designing, constructing and maintaining data centers for the private sector, all of which translates to providing our customers with the highest quality functionality, reliability, security and cost-efficiency in data storage.

The InfoQB facilities utilize a unique patent pending design configuration providing maximum network and power redundancy, flexible scalability and optimized accessibility to accommodate the ongoing evolution of your data storage needs. Our distinctive design configuration further allows for accelerated business growth, as well as the incorporation of future technological advancements and modifications.

InfoQB operates at the highest level of efficiency and power protection, employing a new line of innovative advanced power products, patent pending design configurations and local natural resources to ensure that your mission-critical digital assets always remain connected and protected.

InfoQB, Vilhelmina, Sweden
Granbergsvägen 1
91232 Vilhelmina

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