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Hydro66 helps forward-thinking companies match their applications with the optimal hosting environment. We provide ultra-efficient, green colocation solutions ideally suited for wholesale colocation, cloud compute and HPC.

The environmental challenge is the greatest of our time. Although the exponential growth of innovative IT is lifting people out of poverty and empowering individuals, the current data model is both broken and unsustainable.

The vast majority of compute and store occurs in expensive city center locations using dirty power and unreliable grids. Rising electricity prices on capacity constrained urban grids compounds the problem. Meanwhile telecoms prices continue to fall at around 20% annually.

Facebook, Google and Apple have solved this efficiently by building hyper-scale Nordic data centers beside vast electrical grids which are highly reliable, 100% green and at ultra-low power prices. Now enterprise, systems integrators and cloud companies can enjoy similar advantages to the Internet giants by working with Hydro66.

Offering retail colocation and wholesale capacity in state-of-the-art data centres which combine unrivalled power availability and free-air cooling with carrier neutral fibre connectivity, Hydro66 delivers green data centre solutions which are ideal for enterprise applications such as private cloud services, power intensive high performance computing and large scale storage deployments.

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Hydro66, Boden, Sweden
Hydrogrand 2
961 43 Boden

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