Fortlax Data Center, Sweden

  • Fortlax

Fortlax helps information-dependant mid-size enterprises and organisations of all types to ensure the continuity of their business. Fortlax' portfolio of services includes secure and monitored on line backup digitalt bankfack®, persistent and reliable long-term storage, disaster and recovery planning etc.

Fortlax hosts its services in one of the most secure and sophisticated data centers in Scandinavia. The facility is fully redundant in terms of power, cooling and internet access and a location close to the polar circle reduces the energy required for cooling. In addition to meeting the highest standards in physical and perimeter protection it is also shielded against Compromising Emanations (CE, Swedish: RöS) as well as Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). The facility is designed to withstand physical attacks (gas, firing etc) as well as enduring total isolation from the outside world for an extended period of time.

Fortlax IT AB, Pitea, Sweden
Box 80
941 22 Piteå

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