Duzon Data Center, South Korea

Data center design
Data center is designed with N+1 redundancy.

Cost efficiency and quality improvement at the same time
By using a shared infrastructure, Duzon customers benefit from significant cost savings. Compared to in-house solutions, clients also profit from guaranteed availability and services. The client pulls the strings and decides individually, how much he wants to involve Duzon into his systems management.

Power availability
Each equipment hosted in hosting center has a specific power rating. Duzon provides highly redundant power to these mission critical equipment based on their power ratings

Long-term leasing contracts
All facilities are secured by long-term leasing contracts with a unilateral renewal option that guarantee's you a long-term planning reliability.

Duzon offers the freedom to choose your connectivity provider, or transfer your service to one of the different carriers housed in Duzon data center.

High security
Duzon data center is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system including 24x7 on-site security and a specially trained security staff to prevent unauthorized access to your equipment.

Free Cooling System
Cold water through the evaporator is made by external cold air without using the compressor. If it's a 100% free-cooling system, the only costs are for a pump and fan. D-Cloud Center can use free cooling system for 4-5 months.

duzon, Chuncheon, South Korea
Sudong-ri, Namsan-myeon
200915 Chuncheon-si
Gangwon-do, South Korea


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