Slovak Telekom DC Tajov Data Center, Slovakia

  • Slovak Telekom DC Tajov

Building description:
- DC is built as an object with the autonomous operation of facilities such as air ducting system, cooling system, energy, water purification system, motor generator system and fire extinguishing system.
- Full object autonomy is scaled to 6 days minimum
- The technology operation and control is guaranteed in closed, self contained object without the contact with outside world

Object can withstand :
- Nuclear, chemical and bacteriological attack
- Seismic influence up to level 7 of the Richter scale
- Electromagnetic impulse
- Radioactive and light radiation
- Pressure wave
- Floods - more than one in 100 years flood

Other details will be provided on request.

For additional information/offer for DC services please contact us via [email protected]

Slovak Telekom, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Tajov 1
976 34 Tajov

976 34

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