WebDC Data Center, Russian Federation

The datacenter holds 60 racks (42 unit telecommunications centers from Knuerr AG) with 6 kV backup power supply to each rack. The area is 215 m^2 with the raised flooring made up of 60 cm.

The engineering infrastructure includes:
- datacenter electric power - 600 kW
- air-conditioning system by HIROSS HPM Emerson Liebert air-conditioner
- the uninterruptable power supply from Emerson Power with the Coelmo diesel generator
- fire suppression system that use halon
- 24/7 security system through modern monitoring and signaling system.

Network infrastructure includes three independent channels from two separate operators.
Operability of the clients' equipment is provided by the qualified technical specialists.
The datacenter services include the free ISPmanager Lite licenses that allow each client to successfully manage his business.

WebDC, Moscow, Russian Federation
Nagornaya, 2
141400 Himki


Rack Cabinets

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