Stack Data Network Data Center, Russian Federation

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Data-center SDN is located in St.Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the largest and most modern data-centers in the North-West of Russia, constructed and operated in accordance with the Uptime Institute TIER III level recommendations.
St.Petersburg - is one of the main gateways of IP connectivity between Russian and Europe. Data-center SDN can provide you the best connectivity with the largest Russian telecom operators (Beeline, Megafon, MTS) as well as with the international operators Orange and RETN. The data-center has direct interconnections with all the main St.Petersburg and Moscow internet exchange points.
The design capacity of SDN data-center - 1437 racks 42-48U
Utility power 14 ?W (2 entries). Step-down transformers in property
12 diesel rotary UPS total power output of more than 14 MW
Total cooling capacity of 9.6 mW

Stack Data Network, St Petersburg, Russian Federation
Vyborg highway, 503, Bldg. 12, 194362 St Petersburg

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