Komplex-Host Data Center, Russian Federation

Uninterrupted power supply

Apart from the main power supply in the data center, "Complex-Host" provides backup power from the UPS NeuHaus Power System Partner. This product line uninterruptible power supply units for the protection of telecommunications and other equipment:

High performance
It operates autonomously for 15 minutes
Efficacy proved even with loads vysokoemkostnymi

UPS NeuHaus
PowertSystem Partner
Subsidiary reserve is Cummins diesel generator from a recognized world leader in the manufacture of generator systems:

AutoPlay is GTEC (activated if the main power supply)
Power - 80 KVa
Able to carry the full load of the data center within 8 hours without refueling
Control of the smooth functioning of the power supply system of the data center is carried out by experienced engineers' complex-info "24/7/365.

Cummins Generator
Precision air conditioning

To maintain the optimum climate and clean air in the technological platform "Complex-Host" used precision air conditioning Stulz Cyber ??Air 3 redundancy of N + 1:

The cooling capacity of -36 kW
Adjusting the temperature up to 0,1´
Screw compressor (long-term trouble-free operation)
Stulz Cyber ??Air 3 developed on the basis of industrial screw compressors, which ensures high reliability of the entire temperature range.

Air Conditioners
Stulz Cyber ??Air 3
High-speed links

The data center uses professional network equipment from a recognized world leader in telecommunications technology for small and medium businesses - the US company Juniper Network.

Data center connected to several independent operators that provide high speed and reliability of communication:

The capacity of 10 GB / s
Continuous operation at high loads
High levels of reliability and availability (fault tolerance)
The owner of the trademark "Kompleks-Host" Company "Complex-Info" has the status of LIR (Local Internet Registry) and has its own block of IP V4 address space on the Internet

Independent telecom operators 10 Gb / s
Gas fire extinguishing system

In the data center, "Complex-Host" is installed fire-fighting system, based on the gas mixture Halocarbon 125 (NAF S-125):

Fires automatically (alerts for the inclusion of an audible signal)
Quenching for 10-30 seconds. (prevents the spread of fire)
There is no fault in the system and does not damage the equipment (in contrast to the water or foam)
Wide range of operating temperatures (from -40´ to + 50´ C)
Gas fire suppression system provides reliable protection of all communications equipment and data centers.

Komplex-Host, Nighny Novgorod, Russian Federation
Silikatnaya, 4, Nizhniy Novgorod

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