ColoCAT DC Data Center, Russian Federation

The DC power supply is 1 category and consists of 2 independent electric lines (250 kW each, capable of raising the limit up to 1 MW) and every server rack has its own UPS, which allows to house servers with up to 10 kWA consumption.
Climate control is air-cooled, it regulates humidity and temperature by Clint precise conditioners (Italy). The conditioning is projected to take off 9 kW of heat for every 10 kW of electrical power. Scheme of conditioners is N+1.
The network infrastructure in the DC is built on several physical channels from different providers. The network equipment is only by Juniper networks (Core) and Cisco Networks (the reservation and support treaties are signed).
Projectible availability is 99,99%. DC is carrier-neutral, which allows every provider an opportunity to make an end point in our DC.

Fire safety is based on Hladon-125 gas, that allows guaranteeing operability of the equipment immediately after the use of fire safety system. Preventive measures, such as leak sensors, climate control sensors and other allow to inform quickly the staff of any problems or malfunctions.
Our duty personnel allow to quickly react on any faults, and the reaction time on client's wishes is reduced to 2 minutes. The DC is guarded 24/7 (including video monitoring in all rooms). The visit is possible at any time with preliminary application.

JSC "System-Service", Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya st. 52
121609 Moscow


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