Voxility IRD Data Center, Romania

  • Voxility IRD


Voxility runs a powerful global platform, on which it can build almost any kind of Cloud service, using the best-connected datacenters in the US, Europe and Asia.

At its core, Voxility installs, maintains and updates servers and networking equipment in each location, and sells or rents that equipment "as-is" to customers, working exclusively with companies that have advanced requirements and see Internet services as a core function (e.g. telcos, cloud/hosting services and large websites).

Voxility Unique Benefits:

. No "remote hands" charges
. Month-end commitment ( you may get out of the contract at any time)
. Free and unlimited power cycles, KVM access
. Free basic colocation support
. Free cabling and equipment installation
. Free handling of receiving / shipping equipment
. Rent hardware when is needed (Dedicated Servers, Routers, Switches, Tranceivers & Cables, Firewalls
. Free Out-of-Band access network
. Single equipment colocation available, full cabinets, half cabinets etc
. Direct cross-connects to any provider
. Internet access included with any colocation option
. On-Site engineer teams in each location


Voxility, Bucharest, Romania
9-9A Dimitrie Pompeiu, Building 24
020335 Bucharest

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