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Nowadays, each company uses IT equipments in every stage that involves data processing. An effective and efficient usage of IT is a key factor that differentiate successful companies from their less successful counterparts. Many companies understood the possibilities to exploit IT capabilities and made high IT investments without deriving any benefits from IT. But using a new IT system implies risks that must be managed and mitigated in order to control the evolution of business in the established limits.

Trying to keep pace with the upcoming trends in the industry, Omnilogic anticipated the migration of the actual model of distributed computing based on the personal computer, to the Data Center and real-time content distribution model.

Therefore, along with the build-up of its own campus (covering more than 3 hectares and 15,000 sqm of build space), the company set-up the only tier 3 data center in Romania within its new Otopeni headquarters.

Branded as ODC (Omnilogic Data Center), Omnilogic Data Center is NOT a passive Hosting Solution, and this is the major difference from similar solutions
existent in the Romanian market today.

During the first months from the opening only, some of the major (all major) companies within the Romanian financial sector and telecom decided to consider the new Omnilogic offer for the above mentioned managed hosted services.

With a final investment cost of more than 8 mil Euro, Omnilogic Data Center was designed and built as a dedicated, professional, flexible and secured IT environment, made available exclusively to the Omnilogic strategic customers. The equipment and servers in Omnilogic Data Center are state-of-art, coming from world leaders in the industry.

The network infrastructure contains CISCO equipment, network security is provided with CHECKPOINT and CISCO, servers are from IBM, HP and SUN, storage equipment is from EMC and virtualization is managed with VMWARE.
Thanks to "state-of-the-art" solutions and to the facilities offered, the alternative choice of collocation, connectivity and support services of ODC is a winning investment in favor of a more costly and risky one, offering a significant Cap Ex.

The data center building is served by two different connections to the electricity network, which allows that if one of the networks encounters any problems, "the building" will not be affected in terms of electricity.
In addition, there are three 1.5 MW generating sets, operating on Diesel fuel.
The Data Center is also equipped with UPSs ensuring the power supply of equipment at constant voltage and without interruptions.
To prevent "single points of failure", all the elements in the electric system, including the backup system, are entirely doubled, and critical servers are connected to both power supplies "A-side" and "B-side". This architecture is implemented in Data Center to have N+1 redundancy in the systems, this providing protection against any incident which may occur at the critical elements.

Omnilogic, Bucharest, Romania
36 I.G. Duca Street, Otopeni

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