Appnor MSP, Romania

Appnor is a Managed Service Provider. That means we specialize in being great at taking care of your IT services. But why should you choose us?

We know all the new techie stuff that has been going around for the past few years. Cloud computing, VPS, you name it - we know how to do it, if you really need it and how you can have it done cost effectively.

Our HQ is in Bucharest, Romania, but we also operate infrastructure in Virginia, USA and in Amsterdam, Holland. So email or call us if you need to rent infrastructure, require managed hosting, collocation or other things listed in the menu above.

We back everything up. If you want to, we can back everything up twice, for the EU & US.

If you are the better-safe-than-sorry type, we do sign excellent SLAs!

Appnor MSP, Bucharest, Romania
5 Promoroaca Str.
014013 Bucharest
Sector 1, Romania

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