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Breaking barriers in telecommunications.
We are one of the largest telecommunications operators in the Malopolska region.

Our company's main advantage is high quality of services and professionalism, so our offer is directed to corporate customers only.

The complexity of services rendered on the basis of our own local backbone enables full control over these services.

Thanks to using optical fibre infrastructure and base stations located in many points in Cracow, we reach even the most distant locations within the city and its surroundings.

Internet access offered by our company is mainly based on Tier-1 connections.
Connecton refund and peering policy make it possible for us to offer services at the quality which can be only obtained in the largest IP exchange nodes worldwide.

One of our projects is CIX (Cracow Internet eXchange) which allows for providing professional service of IP traffic exchange in the peering system.

Internet access, Transit of traffic to foreign and Polish operators, Server colocation, Access to traffic exchange nodes, Data transmission, Fiber glass

Connected sp. z o.o., Krakow, Poland
Krolewska 57
30-081 Krakow
malopolskie, Poland

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