Lefdal Mine Datacenter Data Center, Norway

Lefdal Mine - The Norwegian Solution

Conditions in Norway are conducive to Norway becoming a "superpower" for green datacenters. Large amounts of 100 % renewable energy at a leading price level in Europe and free cooling makes Lefdal Mine extremely cost effective. Add excellent infrastructure, stability, high competence and the world's largest space and you have Lefdal Mine - The Norwegian solution!

The Norwegian Government
Lefdal MIne has been funded by the Ministry of Governmental Administration and Reform and by Innovation Norway. Lefdal Mine is also supported by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Government together with the industry recognizes that Norway is about to become a leading global player within the area of data handling and Lefdal Mine is the leading datacenter facility in Norway.

IBM - Leading TCO
IBM has conducted an independent analysis and validation of concept for Lefdal Mine. It is their considered opinion that the Lefdal Mine represents a unique opportunity to provide a high security data center facility with leading edge operational performance and running costs. IBM has signed a letter of intent with Lefdal Mine.

Industry Leadership
Lefdal Mine through its location and infrastructure offers a datacenter solution that we have not seen in Europe until now. The tier 3+ site will run at record breaking TCO in an extreme secure environment. The scalability is unique. Unlimited space, power and connectivity!

Lefdal Mine Datacenter, Måløy, Norway
6770 Eid


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