Redefining Mission Critical Infrastructure With People, Processes, and Technology

A new white paper from BCS Data Center Operations explores how people, processes, and technology are redefining mission critical infrastructure operations. 

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In a world when the only constant is change, data center owners and operators are constantly rethinking both their business and operations models in search of a framework that will lead to success during uncertain times. The impact of people, processes, and technology are top of mind for industry leaders.

According to a new white paper from BCS Data Center Operations, there are three strategic steps that will safeguard next-generation mission critical infrastructure: “instituting critical facility monitoring, measurement and management” based on predictive methodologies.

Measuring key aspects of your critical infrastructure starts with a clear, concise understanding of the key performance metrics that most impact the tactical operations of your facility. – BCS Data Center Operations, 2022 Report: How People, Process and Technology are Redefining Mission Critical Infrastructure Operations

Data center staffing is another area in which owners and operators of critical infrastructure are under mounting pressure. There is a workforce talent war raging in the industry and the paper outlines winning strategies that progressive companies are deploying.

Robust diversity and inclusion programs, in-house investment, targeted partnerships, and workforce training and development are key to winning top talent, according to BCS. The paper sites a 2020 ADP Global Workforce study that says “workers are not just looking for a place to work, they are seeking a place to be engaged and to thrive and grow.”

Data center leaders looking for an edge in today’s market also need a playbook for eliminating critical human error in their operations. BSC offers a five-point plan that is both site specific and scalable.

The authors note that “the data center industry is on the cusp of the next cycle in its maturation as a business sector,” but while things are trending favorably for the industry, there are a number of questions keeping data center owners up at night. “Paramount of them: What is the primary motivation and mission of my critical facility management provider? Is it protecting and operating my most critical assets, or winning a contract and chasing a financial goal?”

The paper concludes with an overview of things that should be on every risk officer’s radar today, as well as how private / public partnerships will drive the next big wave of government data center optimization.

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