Data Center Innovations Future Proof Business Information and Infrastructure

In a new white paper, Venyu explains how data center innovations will provide solutions for business information and infrastructure that are both resilient and future proof.

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The creation of robust technology solutions is top of mind for businesses across the country as they face volatility in the market, in the economy, and in the weather. Venyu says, “to address the myriad of new obstacles, businesses are quickly shifting strategies.” In their new white paper, Venyu explores some of the top areas of concern for business leaders, and they take a look at how data center innovations will future-proof business information and infrastructure.

The first challenge that Venyu outlines revolves around managing the massive proliferation of data. “Since virtually every device can consume and manufacture data, each passing moment generates tidal waves of information that must all be managed,” the author says. “This data isn’t going anywhere; it’s just going to continue to grow.”

As technology leaders contend with ever-evolving industry challenges, volatile economic uncertainties, and devastating natural disasters, they must establish system resiliencies at every level. – Venyu, “Data Divided: A Data Center Strategy for Future Proofing Business

The second challenge Venyu highlights is the lack of options for data centralization. “Businesses want their data dispersed,” according to the author, but in some regions, there isn’t enough data center supply to meet the demand.

Venyu also discusses the challenges associated with future proofing for the impending uncertainty as well as the need to move forward while also staying flexible.

During these volatile times, Venyu says data centers have a tremendous opportunity to provide innovative products and services that will help their clients future proof their business. First, the paper say that data centers need to develop more edge capabilities in more places. According to the author, “the fringes of the network have tremendous potential where we can introduce new data center and cloud services, offering data protection and colocation.”

The white paper also explore how cultivating a partner ecosystem and expanding data center services can help to create the new order of things. According to the author, “ideally, data centers will continue to lead their customers in a direction that protects and connects them in the future.”

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