1U Solution for Smoke Detection and Residue Free Extinguishment

A new white paper from Viking Integrated Safety outlines the company’s fire protection solution, OneU. This stand-alone system provides sensitive smoke detection, residue-free extinguishment and is only 1 rack unit.

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Micro data centers are poised to meet the growing demand for compute-intensive applications at the edge such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). However, according to Viking Integrated Safety, space is challenging in these “fully integrated physical infrastructure solutions.” Compute and storage are typically the priority in the rack, so cooling, uninterruptible power supplies, batteries, security, and fire protection must all compete for whatever space is left. Viking’s OneU fire protection system “can be installed in an extremely space-saving manner – without compromising on functionality, quality, and reliability.”

The paper outlines the main features of the unit, which includes an aspirating smoke detector module, an extinguishing module, and a power supply and control system. According to the authors, “the compact system has a space requirement of only one rack unit, and is intended for installation in the upper third of the rack system to be protected.”

The active extinguishing OneU system is a stand-alone, compact unit to actively detect and extinguish potential fires. Viking Integrated Safety – “Fire Protection for Micro Data Centers: Sensitive Smoke Detection & Residue Free Extinguishing in a 1U Form Factor

One defining characteristic of Viking’s OneU system is that it extinguishes any fires without residue. They note that, “during the extinguishing process the propellant gas cartridge is opened and the liquid extinguishing agent is released. The special geometry of the nozzle ensures that the extinguishing agent is vaporized when exiting the nozzle enabling it to unfold its full extinguishing effect.”

Viking also presents data on optional expansion units available for the OneU fire protection system. They also outline how multiple units can be combined, based on individual customer requirements. According to the paper, this fire protection solution is ideal for micro and modular data centers, server and network cabinets, remote telecommunications switching installations, and in production controls in manufacturing and industrial environments.

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