Custom Power Distribution Solutions for Challenging Environments

A new white paper from Server Technology explores how the drive for efficiency and sustainability, and even the integration of renewable energy sources, is changing the way data center operators are thinking about power distribution solutions.

Power Distribution Solutions

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Data centers consume an enormous amount of electricity. According to the paper, “off-the-shelf and semi-custom solutions for remote access, power, and white space infrastructure satisfy the needs of most enterprise and SMB data center applications.” But for data centers dedicated to supercomputing, artificial intelligence, or edge computing, power distribution must be managed at a granular level that can’t be always provided by off-the-shelf or semi-custom solutions. The author states that “the need for ongoing improvements in efficiency and sustainability leads many HPC installations, AI applications, hyperscale data centers, and telecom operators to seek novel custom solutions to layout, power density, cooling, and connectivity.”

“Server cabinets and racks, even individual server units, need to be designed for maximum adaptability to the ever-changing power consumption requirements of their unique and demanding environments.” – Server Technology, “The Know-How You Need to Power the Most Challenging Environments.”

There are a number of reasons why off-the-shelf or semi-custom power distribution units (PDUs) may not be viable solutions for some data centers. Space can be one of the biggest challenges, as Barcelona Supercomputing Center found. According to the paper, “the space dedicated to processing and CRACs (computer room air conditioners) leaves little room for distributing power going into the units. A situation like this has potential challenges for the deployment of PDUs, necessitating a customized solution.”

Artificial intelligence facilities often use custom racks, according to Server Technology. Additionally, AI facilities are “high density and and higher power installations (that) test the limitations of standard PDUs.” The paper goes on to explain that the demanding environments used in edge computing situations often require the use of custom PDUs that can “operate in sizeable operating temperature ranges, which impose the need for support for environmental sensors.”

The white paper provides information on the qualities data center leaders should look for when searching for a trusted custom PDU solution partner.

Download the full report, “The Know-How You Need to Power the Most Challenging Environments” to learn more about how custom power components are a leading solution.

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